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  1. Rob Cameron says:

    I wanted to give my review of these apartments. I was lucky enough to find this apartment after my hotel stay for my first three weeks in Dumaguete. During my first three weeks i was able to look all over Dumaguete and the surrounding areas, Valencia, Bacong, Sibulan, and even Dauin and this is the apartment i choose. The owners are extremely nice, friendly and concerned for the welfare of their guests. The apartments are surrounding the pool which is always sparkling clean and cool. The apartments are of various sizes from a studio to a large two bedroom unit. The housekeeper is onsite and always available and helpful. The complex is always clean and secure, with a locked gate day and night; there is also a guard at night on duty after 6PM till morning. I always felt safe and welcome here and if ever i needed a service i was attended to within minutes not hours. Anyone planning a stay in Dumaguete for a month or more will consider themselves lucky to stay in this well run and very convenient apartment complex. Villa Prescilla gets a five star rating from me because five is the most there is…

  2. thomas miller says:

    good day;

    my name is Thomas miller and for now iam still living in the united states but I will be retiring in the Philippines this coming july so I thought I would ask someone there if by chance your apartment complex might have an apartment open by then I looked at all your apartments online and I enjoyed what I seen indeed and my price range around 16 70 18,000 pecos per month!

    thank you for your time in reading this e-mail and hope to back soon!

    take care and god bless.


  3. Angel Tate says:

    We rented a unit there for the past month & it’s been fantastic. The owner was nice and easy to work with. Vivian is always there to help with any immediate needs. It was wonderful to have hot water and the pool available, as well as the washing machine. The location is great. There are bakeries, markets, stores, eating establishments, & a pharmacy all within walking distance. Petty cabs to town are easy to come by. Our unit was fully equipped with everything we needed. We will definitely consider staying there again.

  4. Toni says:

    I had opportunity to stay in this apartment (Rm 3) and it was far better than staying in any hotel in Dgte. City. Aside from the apartment being so well-maintained, the staff are so friendly and helpful its like living in ur own home. The owners, Mrs. & Mrs. Anders & Prescilla Hellberg, are a wonderful couple, aside from being handsome and beautiful and they make sure that the tenants are well-taken care of. Hats of to this couple and their apartment. I highly recommend this place!
    I give Villa Prescilla 5 stars!!

    Thank you, Anders and Prescila!

  5. Bill F says:

    I stayed at Villa Prescilla in April 2017 for one month. The complex is spotless, the staff are very friendly and accomodating, rental rates are good and ownership is great and I enjoy the swimming pool. I will be back to Dumaguete again this month and am staying for an extended period. I would highly recommend Villa Prescilla to anyone looking for a place to stay in Dumaguete

  6. Mr Jeff Kimmance says:

    We stayed at Villa Prescilla in May and June 2017 for a month, great place to be, handy for just about everywhere in Dumaguete. The staff were very nice and our stay was mostly peaceful, generally a lovely place to stay. Myself and Princess will be staying there again shortly, I hope! Can’t wait to get back there.

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